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12-03-2007 Fall Sailing and Bicycling in Florida
Boats, bikes, and delicious bullsharks
11-15-2007 Monohull Sailing at the St. Pete Sailing Center
9-7-2007 The Shiitake Complex
8-30-2007 Outline Format of Miss South Carolina's Speech
In a vain attempt to better visualize her points, I put them into outline form. Here are the results.
7-17-2007 My Favorite Software
I want to pay homage here to software that gets the job done for me. Most of it is open source. Asterisks indicate the source is closed, to my knowledge.
7-11-2007 Migrating from Treo 650 to 680 on Debian Linux
Palm is by far the PDA best supported on Linux. That's why I use it, versus something retarded like an overpriced iPhone. Linux + Treo 680 > iPhone + OSX, especially in light of . It was all very easy, except one gotcha made my life difficult...
7-8-2007 Ruminations the day after
Yesterday wasn't the luckiest day of the Century, as the Chinese purport. Actually, all I got was a finance charge.
7-4-2007 Yay! Happy 4th of July!
12-7-07 Art Basel 2007
Another visit to South Florida in search of art
6-23-2007 Wisconsin Road Trip!!!!!
The sordid details...
4-15-2007 Debian Etch Review
A wonderful coauthored review of the latest release of this wonderful Linux distribution. It even features an endorsement by Wilford Brimley!
4-11-2007 Jeff Chicken
I believe in reincarnation!
12-13-2007 Bottle Brush Tree Invaded My Deck!
From low maintenance backyard to high maintenance wasp haven.
1-1-2008 Let's All Embark on a Gigantic Lee Majors Cavalcade!
The time is rife for the revival.
1-8-2008 And the Plot Thickens
Some interesting dialog in my irc chat room of choice.
1-12-2008 The Flouring
It is a Jamaican tradition to "flour" someone on their birthday. So we did.
2-11-2008 Janus Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Tampa
I played Sat/Sun with a great team from the Ft. Lauderdale area named Pompeii's Children.
2-1-2008 A Brewpub in St. Petersburg?
Can we sustain something like the Dunedin Brewery in our neck of the woods, err beach?
2-4-2008 The Circus Has Come to Town: Termite Tenting
We finally got it done. Our house looks like a blue and white Bavarian beer garden tent.
3-10-2008 Pygmy Horriblis
We bought a massive pygmy date palm for a price we couldn't refuse. But the full price had not yet been paid.
3-16-2008 I Strongly Dislike Apple
It's been building for a long while, but now I feel compelled to make it fully public.
4-5-2008 AAPLE Amnesia
So, in the latest of ridiculous events surrounding this particular company, AAPL is contesting New York City's right to be The Big Apple.
5-1-2008 Link to Cable Trellis Project Story
I posted a story about my recently finished cable trellis project.
6-2-2008 Lemon Grass Mosquito Repellent
I was told mosquitos are repelled by planting lemon grass.
6-3-2008 Have A Revival In the Comfort of Your Own Home!
I love living in the South. This guy will come to your house and, using a hand puppet named Homer, bring you to JESUS!
6-10-2008 Post-its and Electronic Receipts
I read an advertisement extolling the brilliance of the Post-it Note
6-20-2008 Rays Stadium -> Athletic Complex
So the erstwhile Devil Rays want a new stadium. Boo hoo: no.
7-5-2008 Two Mockingbirds Making Sense of It
I'm really fond of the mockingbirds that live amongst me.
7-10-2008 Halong Bay
We went to a new Vietnamese restaurant in St. Petersburg this past weekend. Here's a review.
7-27-2008 Digital/HD TV Antenna
New story on building an antenna mount for digital TV.
8-15-2008 Digital Car Audio
I UPGRAYYEDED my system.
9-21-2008 Saab Audio Suck
Saab audio leaves much to be desired. Why do the Swedes hate the music?
9-20-2008 It Appears The Surge Was a Waste of Effort
The Defense Department, the military, and even presidential candidate John McCain were quick to attribute the reduction in violence in Iraq to the surge. However, satellite imagery indicates that the Shiites had driven out their foes, the Sunnis, prior to the arrival of the US surge forces. The show was already over.
1-7-2009 Maverick
I laughed and laughed during the election, but I stayed quiet. But now, if I keep the secret any longer, I'm going to explode.
11-26-2008 Movie Script
I never want to be in a movie, unless I can act in this scene:
11-27-2008 Happy Thanksgiving!
We stayed in town for Thanksgiving this weekend, and celebrated with local friends.
12-14-2008 Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Flat Santa
I participated in St. Petersburg's Santarchy. 100 Santas walking around, raising hell in bars and restaurants downtown.
11-26-2008 Travel Pictures
I finally posted the pics from our trip to northern Europe. It took me a long time to unpack and get back on my feet, and I'm sorry for the delay.
2-20-2009 Kellogg's New Phelps Contract
I think this picture proves that Kellogg's now wisely sees the American public as more accepting of Phelps' actions and reversed their decision to end his contract.
2-23-2009 Oscars Waylaid By the Flu. Hooray!
Thank you, Bejeezus!
3-9-2009 Bicycle Route for Historic Kenwood Neighborhood in St. Petersburg
One of the big commuter problems for residents of the large Kenwood neighborhood in St. Petersburg is that there is not an easy way to bike downtown.
3-15-2009 Vetiver Show at the Back Booth in Orlando Sunday 3/22/2009
I bought tickets ($8). Looks interesting.
2-6-2009 The Salsa
Yes, I have been learning salsa dancing.
3-24-2009 I Have A Dream ... About Pro-Wrestling Robots
A recounting...
3-31-2009 The Look, the Sound ...
... of Bacon.
4-20-2009 Amaryllis and Trees
Okay, maybe it's that other plant people confuse amaryllis with. Regardless, it comes up every year, is drought tolerant, and makes me pity you coldsters that have to dig these up every winter to store the bulbs in the basement. But I am jealous of your various basements.
5-14-2009 Unemployment Insurance Statistics as a Measure of Economic Health
We have no way of actually knowing how many Americans are working and UI figures only obfuscate the truth.
5-9-2009 Desert Rose and Spice Garden
Couple snapshots from the backyard of things that are growing nicely.
7-21-2009 Sept. Mayoral Primary Notes
My thoughts on each of the candidates.
9-21-2009 St. Petersburg Mayoral Election: I'm Changing my Vote to Kathleen Ford!!!
Sure Bill Foster is probably a more knowledgeable administrator...
10-9-2009 Happy Leif Erikson Day!!!
Below is a discussion I had today about how to celebrate this occasion.
10-21-2009 Health Care Reform: Please Call Your Senators For Public Option
Voting begins next week in the Senate, but the time to call in is now.
11-21-2009 The Goats of the Past and the Seattle Kelp Trio
Interesting trip to Seattle last summer. Wanted to post a some pics...
12-14-2009 Park City Snowboard Pics
First time in two years. A little rusty at first, but it all came back after a couple days.
1-05-2010 Smokin' Bird
I like it when I find random stuff like this in our ever corporatized world.
1-7-2010 Neighbor's dad wanted his sailboat back...
... so he asked if I could help him sail it back down to his dad's home in Sarasota from St. Petersburg.
2-09-2010 The St. Petersburg Times is phone spamming everyone
I've never subscribed to the horrible news source that is the St. Pete Times, yet they like to call me a lot; multiple times per day.
2-15-2010 If you windsurf in the Tampa Bay area and want to share wind/water conditions...
...we're using the twitter keyword #tampawindsurf to keep in touch. Read on for details on how this works.
3-11-2010 windy day and windsurf harness line experimentation
it blew today, so I experimented
3-22-2010 Hooray for Health Care Legislation and Obama!
This is Obama's first major initiative for something that wasn't cleanup of Bush's mess; Bush's omnibus mess.
09-06-2010 So why do we celebrate Labor Day still?
Robert Reich dumps cold, soggy cereal on us as we awaken this Sept. 6..
09-24-2010 The Legend of Old Gregg
This is great Friday viewing, from the fabulous BBC TV show "The Mighty Boosh"
6-1-2010 recent projects
I finished a few projects I had been wanting to complete for years. It's a relief they're done, but next on my list is a much more ambitious "Solergola": a solar panel sporting pergola. But let me show you what I have completed, not my smurfiliscious ambitions.
09-22-2010 Fidel's book is fully released
Lots of pictures and maps for the Communist in all of us.
09-28-2010 A vote for Meek is a vote for Rubio
I voted for Crist (absentee). Not because I like him, but because I want to avoid Rubio.
10-17-2010 Links I am fond of!
I've been meaning to provide a set of links to items of pop culture content I feel have made my life better. Here are my current ones:
11-05-2010 Deleted/Extra Scenes from 'The Legend of Old Gregg'
oooh yeah!
12-26-2010 Bing/Sour Cherry Pie
We baked a pie for the holidays.
01-24-2011 Colin Powell stresses need to cut US defense spending
If you look at the US military expenditures per capita, they are way out of line with other countries. Look at: . Colin Powell looks at how we can cut this level of expenditure.
03-08-2011 Early March Azaleas
Every year, we get massive floral fireworks in front of and at the sides of our house.
05-01-2011 America's Inequality
For May Day, I'm going to post a bunch of links about how lop-sided our distribution of wealth has become. Enjoy!
10-17-2011 Fun with the Gimp
Haven't played with my favorite image editing software in a while, so I made this...
11-14-2011 Come to Libya for the ambiance...
Image PNG image baobab pie chart
05-16-2012 Baobab
gnome 3.4's baobab is shows you how full your drives are...
06-09-2012 Running Gnucash With A Shared SSHFS Directory
If a number of users must share a single gnucash file, transferring the file between them gets tedious quickly. This post describes a method to host the Gnucash files that is flexible, secure, and nicely integrated into the desktop. This tutorial is Ubuntu 12.04 specific, but it probably could be easily adapted to any Linux variant.
07-01-2012 Shin-Sen-Gumi Japanese Noodle House
I'm always on the lookout for Japanese noodle houses, and I found a chain!
11-27-2011 The 99 Percent Declaration or the Liberty Square Blueprint?
The Occupy Movement's demands congeal...
06-01-2012 gnome shell 3.4 is excellent
forget Unity, gnome shell is pretty close to perfect
Image PNG image wind forecast discrepancy
Check out the variance between forecasted and actual. This is a complete failure.
04-14-2013 Wind Forecast Fail
I use to track detailed wind forecasts for my favorite sport, windsurfing. This Sunday, it messed up horribly, and I'm pointing it out, so the sailors who depend on it are aware of its limitations.
07-26-2013 Personal Water Management District
Most rain chains can't handle much rain, so I needed to modify things.