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7-8-2007 Ruminations the day after

Yesterday wasn't the luckiest day of the Century, as the Chinese purport. Actually, all I got was a finance charge.

That said, all has been well. I fondled an i-Phone, which I wanted to dislike, but ended up liking (aside from the outrageous price). Nice clean design and interface. Nowhere near as gimmicky as the crappy OSX interface. But, definitely not worth the money. Cingular told me the unlimited data plan is actually a slower one than their regular unlimited. I stuck with the familiar and got a Treo 680 for $50 w/ plan /rebate which is slimmer and smaller than my 650, but about the same thing. Hopefully, it has the IMAP folder bugs fixed in Versamail. Me loves the IMAP email.

So, reading the news, I encountered the expose on Bush's pardon of Scooter. Apparently, he was cajoled into it by the Cheney Squad of Darkness for two possible reasons: cronyism or perhaps fear of an Abramoff-style Scooter revenge brain dump. Doesn't matter which (or both possibly). What does matter is it reinforced the concept that Bush, though a four hit die fool, is actually an honorable man, and that Cheney is the root of most of the Administration's miasma.

On my tally of Bush Administration misdirection, I put Faith-based initiatives and the Saddam revenge on Bush's account; and the domestic wiretaps, Plame incident, Iraq War, Haliburton patronage, Kyoto Protocol nonratification, etc., etc., on Cheney's.

If only there were enough Willy Nelson to counteract the Cheney in the world.

Speaking of improving the world, I've decided to only buy music off a musical group's website. That way, the group, which has control over its Internet domain, can bypass the need for marketing via a large record label, and keep all the money for themselves. Channels like i-Tunes still promote the bigger labels and pressure the bands to contract with them. However, with all the social netwroking going on, bands no longer need the labels. So just buy the music directly in whatever format the band has available on their website, and eliminate the RIAA.

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