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07-01-2012 Shin-Sen-Gumi Japanese Noodle House

I'm always on the lookout for Japanese noodle houses, and I found a chain!
07-01-2012 Shin-Sen-Gumi Japanese Noodle House

Please let this be the Beni Hana of the 2010s!

Okay, I didn't find it myself.  I went there with family, and it was great.  Like probably all noodle homes, for all I know, the restaurant is named after an historic Shogun police force.  The menu is confusing, since you build your noodle dish from the ingredients you prefer.   The trademarkedly exuberant waiter successfully walked me through the option, though.  This particular restaurant is only in LA and Japan, but I want them to grow and come to my state/neighborhood.  Or at least a restaurant like this.  I don't know of any noodle houses in the US outside of New York, LA, and San Fran, so please inform me if you know otherwise.  Being in St. Petersburg, Florida, I'll probably starve to death before that happens, so a Japanese noodle making book is a better bet.

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