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How to Build Stone Veneer Raised Planter Beds
A step-by-step pictorial of the process we used to build decorative, raised, stone veneer planter beds in our front yard.
Cable Trellis Project
I wanted to get the Sun off the western side of the house, for energy saving reasons, and because it is a flaming BALL OF GAS!!! Also, I did it to make a bare space more interesting. So I extracted the ol' cable cutter and ferrule crimper from my afro and plied my nimblest of trades.
Slap Up an HD/Digital TV Antenna
Free is always a good price, especially compared to the $60/month the cable company, Brighthouse, wants for standard cable.
Why Portland Oregon Sucks
People often ask me, "in which ways does Portland suck?", so instead of repeating myself, they can now reference this page: a running list of the reasons Portland Oregon sucks.
How to install GetPaid .6.2 (with Google Checkout) with Plone 3.1.6
(standalone rootless install in unprivileged user home directory)
Installing Debian Etch Linux on Lenovo Thinkpad T61
It works great with the exception of some minor things. This article contains notes on how to install Debian Etch Linux and configure hardware (with encrypted swap and /home directories, and dual boot with MS Windows Vista).
Japanese privet (Ligustrum japonicum)
This tree is in our front yard.
Removing Openoffice Calc Hyperlinks
How to remove OpenOffice Calc 2.04 hyperlinks.
How to upgrade from GetPaid .3/Plone 3.0.x to GetPaid .6.1/Plone 3.1.2
(standalone rootless install in unprivileged user home directory)
La Victoria Estrat├ęgica
As the chapter are released on, I'm publishing them here as well. Most of the crap I read in Spanish is not interesting, so this should provide something to feed my Latin American Studies/Political Science BA neurons as I learn Spanish.
Links to Wrongness
this is a list of links people can add to
Image JPEG image rawr
Centering the logo in Plone 4 with the default Sunburst theme
Things changed a little since Plone 3, so I wanted to document this, since it hasn't been stated succinctly and simply anywhere else on the web, according to Google.
How to Fix a Digital Stream DTX9900 HD Converter
stopped working and only has stuck on green flashing or blinking light, no more red
Image JPEG image capacitor
this is the part you have to replace. It will often have some residue or brownish/black gluey substance on the top. Apparently it gets that discoloration when it blows.
Image JPEG image soldering_kit
Just a few things are needed. I prefer lead-free electrical solder available at Radio Shack. My soldering iron is like 40W.
Image JPEG image damn
Image JPEG image laid
internet tv shows I like to watch
a list for myself and friends who are hooking up home theatre pcs of one type or another
Image JPEG image fartzilla