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07-01-2012 Shin-Sen-Gumi Japanese Noodle House
I'm always on the lookout for Japanese noodle houses, and I found a chain!
smoker pibil and barbacoa
food network annato
food network pibil
5-9-2009 Desert Rose and Spice Garden
Couple snapshots from the backyard of things that are growing nicely.
4-20-2009 Amaryllis and Trees
Okay, maybe it's that other plant people confuse amaryllis with. Regardless, it comes up every year, is drought tolerant, and makes me pity you coldsters that have to dig these up every winter to store the bulbs in the basement. But I am jealous of your various basements.
Image Troff document Malmo Cheese Market
The scent here was very strong!
Image Troff document Korean restaurant in Wroclaw, Poland
This restaurant mainly caters to the Korean workers at the new LG plant in Wroclaw, a regional financial center near Krakow, the arts center. Sonia chatted it up with the owner in Hangul.
7-10-2008 Halong Bay
We went to a new Vietnamese restaurant in St. Petersburg this past weekend. Here's a review.
Image Fancy Sushi
It looked so pretty, I felt bad destroying it by eating it. But I quickly got over it...