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03-08-2011 Early March Azaleas
Every year, we get massive floral fireworks in front of and at the sides of our house.
6-1-2010 recent projects
I finished a few projects I had been wanting to complete for years. It's a relief they're done, but next on my list is a much more ambitious "Solergola": a solar panel sporting pergola. But let me show you what I have completed, not my smurfiliscious ambitions.
5-9-2009 Desert Rose and Spice Garden
Couple snapshots from the backyard of things that are growing nicely.
4-20-2009 Amaryllis and Trees
Okay, maybe it's that other plant people confuse amaryllis with. Regardless, it comes up every year, is drought tolerant, and makes me pity you coldsters that have to dig these up every winter to store the bulbs in the basement. But I am jealous of your various basements.
A Collection of Florida Gardening Blogs
5-1-2008 Link to Cable Trellis Project Story
I posted a story about my recently finished cable trellis project.
3-10-2008 Pygmy Horriblis
We bought a massive pygmy date palm for a price we couldn't refuse. But the full price had not yet been paid.
Cable Trellis Project
I wanted to get the Sun off the western side of the house, for energy saving reasons, and because it is a flaming BALL OF GAS!!! Also, I did it to make a bare space more interesting. So I extracted the ol' cable cutter and ferrule crimper from my afro and plied my nimblest of trades.
12-13-2007 Bottle Brush Tree Invaded My Deck!
From low maintenance backyard to high maintenance wasp haven.
How to Build Stone Veneer Raised Planter Beds
A step-by-step pictorial of the process we used to build decorative, raised, stone veneer planter beds in our front yard.